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Fully 80% of patients at the Shea Center For Ears, Hearing, and Balance are referred from other patients, not physicians. If you are a patient (or a family member of a patient) and wish to get more information about the Center or make an appointment, please contact a resource listed below. If you are a hearing healthcare professional, please feel free to call our "Referral Hotline": (901) 763-1234.

Shea Center for Ears accepts Medicare and all major third party insurance.

The Shea Center for Ears, Hearing, and Balance opens at 9:00 AM (Central Time) Monday-Friday.

Telephone voice contact: (901) 763-1234
Fax: (901) 763-3666
Email: matthew@sheacenterforears.com

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3265 W. Sarazens Cl
Suite 102
Memphis, TN 38125
Ph: (901) 763-1234

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