Chronic Infections

Ear infection is the most common reason for a visit to the pediatrician during the first three years of life. Persistent ear infection in childhood can result in damage to the eardrum or to the three hearing bones which conduct sound from the eardrum to the hearing nerve, resulting in hearing loss.

Ear infection which extends into adulthood can lead to infection of the honeycomb of bone around the ear called the "mastoid". Mastoid infection is very difficult to eradicate with antibiotics, and may require surgery.

A persistent perforation of the eardrum may result in a benign skin cyst behind the eardrum called cholesteatoma.

Dr. John Shea III, M.D. and his staff of experts at Shea Center For Ears are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat problems arising from infection of the ear and related structures. Accurate history-taking, a state-of the-art audio-vestibular laboratory, and examination by Dr. Shea result is accurate diagnosis and a well-defined treatment plan.

Dr. John Shea III, M.D. may perform tympanoplasty (eardrum reconstruction), with or without repair of the hearing bones (ossicular chain reconstruction). If the mastoid is involved, the diseased portions of the mastoid are also removed.

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